8th Grade Class Project
By Member Kimberly Beachy
March 29, 2023

The 8th grade class decided to build a shed and raffle it off to raise money for their class trip. Calculating materials was the first step for pricing, and to make choices. The students each thought about how much material they would need for a 10x10 shed as well as what the cost to purchase these materials would be at the current market rate. This was a great lesson for them in their math class as it allowed them to draw their shed, calculate the area, build a material list for pricing, and see what the cost/labor/profit will be once completed. The students learned how to lay out, square up, build walls, and how to lay out rafters using rise/run. The floor joist are a 2x6 treated lumber and AdvanTech plywood was used to cover the platform. The siding is LP Smart Side T-111, which is a textured sheet made to look like wood boards. The roofing is standard asphalt shingles. The shed will be painted per the winners choice of color and will be delivered free of charge within 25 miles of the school.

Raffle tickets are being sold at $20 each or 3 for $50. Contact the school if you would like to purchase any tickets. The raffle will be drawn at the Golf Tournament on April 21st. You do not need to be present to win.

Thank you to 84 Lumber in Mechanicsville for donating the materials and Johnson Home Improvements for working with the students to provide guidance and assistance.

For any detailed questions about the shed, please call 240-538-5180.