MCA Profile of Graduates
By Member Kimberly Beachy
November 18, 2020

The Profile of Graduates provides the answer to the following question: When our students have completed our entire educational program and have had the benefit of the services and activities provided by MCA and the community:
* What do we expect them to know?
* What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?
* What qualities or characteristics do we want them to demonstrate?

A Profile of Graduates:
* Describes the students at the point of exit from MCA.
* States the values, achievements and readiness that each student will manifest upon graduation.
* Should be considered both as a Bill of Rights and a set of corresponding responsibilities for students, faculty, staff, administration and the MCA’s community.
* Defines the outcomes each and every student will attain if the “Mission” is operative and appropriately translated into programs and services.

A Profile of Graduates serves to:
* Translate the identity, vision and values expressed in the “Beliefs” and “Mission” into statements that describe student outcomes.
* Translate and transform concepts from the ideal and global to specific expression in the development of a student in MCA.
* Give expression to what the “Mission” means in the operational life of this institution.
* Define an outline or the shape each student is expected to grow into regardless of specific courses taken or post-graduation plans.
* Provide a concrete reference point for faculty, staff and MCA’s community when designing curriculum, instructional experiences, service programs, auxiliary resources and student and family services.

The “MCA’s Profile of Graduates” is:

It is our sincere hope and belief that, as a result of completing an education at Mother Catherine Academy,

Graduates will live their Catholic faith by:
* Growing in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
* Recognizing that all gifts and talents are God-given.
* Being able to see Christ in others.
* Attending and participating in Sunday Mass.
* Frequent reception of the sacraments beyond what is obligatory.

Graduates will reflect their values by:
* Using their Catholic faith as a compass to guide their moral decisions.
* Demonstrating virtues when interacting with others.
* Acting responsible and accountable in everyday living in pursuit of sainthood.

Graduates will exhibit the attributes of a leader by:
* Making decisions based on their Catholic values.
* Modeling and encouraging others by drawing upon inspiration from the saints to act according to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
* Participating in elections and other government activities that involve religious freedoms, basic human rights, and actions to support Catholic doctrine.

Graduates will demonstrate the quality of their education by:
* Finding personal success in academics and beyond so that their unique talents can contribute to God’s plan in the world.
* Applying critical thinking skills and rigorous study habits to fulfill their academic tasks with excellence.
* Being well versed in the teachings of the Catholic Church and able to explain and defend the faith to others.
* Being effective speakers and writers and knowledgeable about world events that impact our Catholic faith.

Graduates will demonstrate their service to community by:
* Being active in their local parish ministries and other non-profit organizations.
* Voluntarily share talents and time for the purpose of enriching other people’s lives in their community and beyond.
* Recognizing and acting on their responsibility to give back to society through service to those in need.
* Being good stewards of God’s creation by promoting efforts to protect the earth and all living things.