Catholic Schools Week - Student Appreciation Day
By Member Kimberly Beachy
January 31, 2020

Today we celebrated our students. We had a free tag day, Chick-fil-A lunch, and even an awesome meteorologist came to visit! Justin Berk came to visit MCA and talked to our students about Faith in the Flakes. Check out his post below and what he had to say about his visit to MCA.

I spent this Friday in Southern Maryland!
This is mother Catherine Academy in Mechanicsville.
They have the word Faith in their logo! So they must have Faith in the Flakes. This winter has been a ‘journey of Faith’ and I was told it is OK to pray for snow.

It was a great afternoon with their students. The older kids were really good. Some little ones might need a nap after their long day.
Special shout out to Tony Wojt for inviting me. He’s a native of a Michigan and loves weather.

They have an open house on Sunday 1-3 PM (before the Super Bowl), so stop by and talk winter with Tony.